Dave Paske

Dave Paske from the first cohort created a website that was the result of his Community Conversation. Check out his website for more information on helping students with disabilities prepare for life after high school.

Diedra Freeman

Check out Diedra Freeman's ToolKit done during Fall semester - Diedra's ToolKit .

Traci Van Laarhoven-Myers

Traci Van Laarhoven-Myers presented at the Illinois Transition Conference in October 2012. Check out her presentation about transition planning for youth with developmental disabilities using technology.

Timothy Poulemanos

Timothy Poulemanos has written a paper addressing a post-secondary education option for students with intellectual disabilities. Check it out here.

Crystal Steidley-Millington

Crystal Steidley-Millington from cohort 1 has done extensive work on transition assessments. Check out her work here.